In 1999, a 15-year-old boy burst through front door and announced to his parents, “I have a great idea!”  Animatedly, he reminded his father how, when called to give a blessing, priesthood holders often scramble to find consecrated oil.  “We should package olive oil in foil pouches like ketchup and mustard!  It would be so much better than having to carry it on a key chain!  You could keep them in your wallet!”

He paused long enough to snatch a chocolate chip cookie off the counter before pressing on, “I want to call them Priesthood Packets!”

Ten years later, after serving a mission and starting a family, that same boy found his waking thoughts and dreams haunted by his unfulfilled vision of hermetically sealed olive oil packets.  He doodled sketches of them at work without realizing he had done so.  And he yearned for them every time he tore his truck apart looking for consecrated oil on his way to give a blessing.

One day, in the not too distant past, when he could no longer push Priesthood Packets out of his mind, he threw his pen down on a pile of doodles.  He stood up from his desk and walked with familiar purpose into the conference room of his family company.

“Hey Dad, I have a great idea!”