At Handcart Studios, we believe that every invention, every piece of jewelry and every work of art has a story. What we market to the consumer, the finished product, is the culmination of the dreams, sweat and often tears of the artist or craftsman who labored for weeks, months and sometimes decades to perfect it. We believe there is value and in the WHY? and HOW? of what we sell. Every product has a story. And since you are now a character in Priesthood Packets’ unfolding tale, it is important that you have read the prologue:

In 1999, a 15-year-old boy burst through front door and announced to his parents, “I have a great idea!” Animatedly, he reminded his father how, when called to give a blessing, priesthood holders often scramble to find consecrated oil. “We should package olive oil in foil pouches like ketchup and mustard! It would be so much better than having to carry it on a key chain! You could keep them in your wallet!”

He paused long enough to snatch a chocolate chip cookie off the counter before pressing on, “I want to call them Priesthood Packets!”
Ten years later, after serving a mission and starting a family, that same boy found his waking thoughts and dreams haunted by his unfulfilled vision of hermetically sealed olive oil packets. He doodled sketches of them at work without realizing he had done so. And he yearned for them every time he tore his truck apart looking for consecrated oil on his way to give a blessing.

One day, in the not too distant past, when he could no longer push Priesthood Packets out of his mind, he threw his pen down on a pile of doodles. He stood up from his desk and walked with familiar purpose into the conference room of his family company.

“Hey Dad, I have a great idea!”

Priesthood Packets™ at work in Thailand!

“Priesthood Packets really saved my bacon! I’m in the jungle of Thailand and I got super sick. My Dad came in to give me a blessing pretty late at night, and instead of having to go out and find a store in the middle of no where to find olive oil to consecrate, I pulled out a Priesthood Packet, he consecrated it, and he and my brother gave me a blessings. Thanks!”


General Conference is just around the corner! Many Saints use the week surrounding Conference to assess their spiritual and temporal preparedness.

Priesthood Packets™, single-use packets of pure extra virgin olive oil are ready to consecrate prior to the administration of Priesthood blessings, are a perfect addition to your preparedness regimen! Business card size, they are designed to lay flat in your wallet, phone case, purse and other convenient locations, allowing both men and women to be prepared when a Priesthood blessing is needed. Simply tear off the top of the packet, consecrate the oil and administer the blessing. Additionally, their extended shelf life makes them perfect for 72-hour kits and long-term food storage! Check out our General Conference SALE! UP TO 50% OFF!


Priesthood Packets™ have a clean, new design with the same convenient sizing! Ready to consecrate, these single-use packets of extra virgin olive oil are designed to be stored in your wallet, phone case, purse and suit pocket. Priesthood Packets™ allow both men and women to be prepared when a priesthood blessing is needed.


We are thrilled to be in our new 21,000 square foot shipping facility! Located on California’s Central Coast, Handcart Studios is nestled between Los Angeles and San Francisco on historic Highway 1. Our expanded facility will allow us to introduce and manufacture new product lines that are currently on the drawing-board! By bringing more of the production and packing in-house, we are proud to be able reduce costs on our most popular products and pass the savings on to our customers!